How does GastroRanking work?

GastroRanking is a restaurant rating index that compiles and converts into a single note, the comments and scores that are issued in all the pages of opinions, reservations and social networks about restaurants.

The value obtained simulates how we think when evaluating a restaurant. So it is quite similar to the idea that a user perceives when reading reviews on the Internet.

GastroRanking is obtained by means of an algorithm that adjusts and recalculates daily and introduces very important criteria, such as the elimination of false opinions or the non-consideration of sites where anyone can give their opinion without registering.

The GastroRanking can not yet be obtained from all the restaurants because it is a requirement that they have at least 5 opinions from users who have written 5 or more reviews of different restaurants. As long as this condition is not met, it is understood that the note is very manipulable and therefore, it is not calculated.

The variables taken into account for the calculation of GastroRanking are as follows:

  1.   1. Número total de opiniones. A más opiniones, más fiabilidad.
  2.   2. Análisis semántico.
  3.   3. Influencia del usuario que emite la opinión.
  4.   4. Antigüedad / vigencia de la valoración. A mas reciente, más valiosa.
  5.   5. Subvaloraciones: peso de los apartados que hacen referencia a la cocina, servicio, ambiente y precio.

The final result will be a weighted index of value 0-10., of the same scale as those carried out by users on restaurants.